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Thu Oct 01, 2020 3:01 pm
Hey everyone,

If any tournament hosts are interested in using a website to host ballots, run tab, etc., please send me a DM. I've been working on something to do it over the summer, and it's getting very close to finished. Our program will definitely be using it for our tournament on the weekend of October 24th. But if there's a large demand, I may be able to get it ready for the weekend of October 17th, and might be able to let teams use it internally for tournaments on the weekend of October 10th (it wouldn't be sharable with other teams, though, because there isn't a way to restrict who can edit ballots yet). That being said, I'd also love to show it to a few people, get feedback (there are definitely rough edges still), and get a sense of how many people would want to use it for their tournaments.

On top of that – if anyone thinks this looks interesting, and wants to try using it for a scrimmage, feel free to DM me as well – that's a really great, low-stakes environment to test it out, and hopefully it can help you make coordinating feedback easier.

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