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Tape for New/Developing Programs Empty Tape for New/Developing Programs

Mon Apr 19, 2021 4:33 pm
Hello, everyone!

Wesleyan and Northwestern would like to share the tape of their (in my view very good and very close) Round 4 matchup at NCT: I know from my own time competing how hard it is for newer and developing programs to find tape--and how valuable a resource it can be--so we're hoping this will prove helpful!

You can also still watch tape of the R3 matchup between Tufts A and Wesleyan A from ORCS last year ( and of NYU A and Yale A from ORCS several years ago ( I also want to commend AMTA for making NCT and ORCS rounds publicly available on YouTube this year (!

If any other programs out there have tape they would like to share, let's use this thread to do it!

And if you are part of a newer or developing program, I or any of the students at Wes/NU would be glad to get on a call to share resources, chat program structure, or talk through how we approach this activity.

Congratulations to UMBC and Yale and to ALL the graduating seniors around the country for persevering through this difficult year. We at Wes/NU wish everyone in AMTA wonderful summers--and we can't wait to see everyone in person next fall!

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