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Advice for incoming first-year Empty Advice for incoming first-year

Sat Jul 31, 2021 6:29 pm
Hi all,

I'm going to start college soon at a school whose program has never made it out of regionals. I was fortunate in high school to lead a team with a very strong work ethic, and we were quite successful as a result. I'd like to replicate some of that success in college mock trial. To this end, I have spent 2-3 hours a day since the beginning of the summer watching the trials posted on the AMTA website, the footage nwarner was kind enough to post, and any other material I've been able to get my hands on. I've also made a decent amount of progress memorizing the rules of evidence and what appear to be the most commonly used pieces of caselaw. I have almost exclusively relied on Jonathan Parts's site for guidance in this regard. I would very much appreciate advice on how to most productively spend the three weeks I have before I come to campus. What else should I be doing to help make my team as successful as we can be? Thank you!
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Advice for incoming first-year Empty Re: Advice for incoming first-year

Sat Jul 31, 2021 6:46 pm
It sounds like you've done a lot of really great prep already! I think the way to help your team advance is by trying to figure out why they haven't in the past. Are they not practicing enough? Is it a performance issue? Is it a writing issue? Then you have to be careful not to overstep. You don't want to go in as a freshman and tell them to change everything or they might be defensive. You don't want to come off cocky or that you know better (even if you do). Either way, I think continue doing what you're doing in terms of helping yourself prepare and go into the season not trying to change everything they're doing, but more try to figure out the weakness and improve that.
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