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Send us questions for Neal Schuett! Empty Send us questions for Neal Schuett!

Tue Aug 17, 2021 9:38 am
Hi all! Drew and I are chatting with Criminal Case Committee Chair Neal Schuett this Thursday evening to discuss all things State v. Sutcliffe. Feel free to send us questions and we might add them to our outline. (I say "might" only because I can't promise we'll ask every question, but we'll include as many as we can.) You can email us at, or message us on Facebook (TheMockReview) or Twitter (@TheMockReview). Obviously we can't ask questions about what he thinks the best case theories are, but most other topics should be fair game. And of course we'll ask the big ones like "how did this case idea come about?" and "how dare you burn down Chuggie's you monsters."
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