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2022 Pre-Regionals Top Performers Empty 2022 Pre-Regionals Top Performers

Wed Nov 24, 2021 3:09 pm
As we approach Thanksgiving, we have compiled a list of top performers from the fall. Just like the last couple years, we are defining a top performer as someone who has taken at least two awards at top invites. We are defining a top invite as one where 25% or more of the field was made up of teams who competed at NCT in 2021. This means that the following invites qualify so far:  

GAMTI, Virginia (93.75%)
Tobacco Road, Duke (65.38%)
Mumbo Jumbo, Tufts (61.11%)
Happy Valley, Penn State (54.55%)
Soda City, South Carolina (50.00%)
Spartan Throwdown, Case Western (44.44%)
Classic City, Georgia (38.46%)
Cornshucker, Iowa (37.50%)
Black Squirrel, Haverford (31.25%)
Peach Bowl, Emory (30.77%)
Scarlet and Gray, Ohio State (29.17%)
Mock at the Rock, Northwestern (28.57%)
Colonial Classic, William and Mary (28.57%)
Red Cedar Classic, Michigan State (27.78%)
Capital City, Florida State (27.27%)
AAMTI, California Berkeley (25.00%)
Cowtown Classic, UC Davis (25.00%)

There are certainly many great competitors on teams not invited to these particular invitationals, and many who simply haven’t been recognized because they share a bench with other strong competitors. But we do think that these competitors deserve a shout out for prevailing against such tough competition.

We will add addenda after any future top tournament tab summaries are released.

Abby Branham, Florida State (Capital 20P; 20D; ToRo 18D)
Anne Clevenger, Stevenson (Colonial 18D; BSI 18D)
Azam Janmohamed, Stanford (AAMTI 17D, 19P; Cowtown 18P)
Carlos Hernandez, Miami (Mock Rock 18D; Spartan 20D)
Charles Sophocleous, South Carolina (Mumbo 19P; 19D)
Dan Cohen, Penn State (ToRo 17D, Scarlet 18P, GAMTI 21D)
Elizabeth Baldwin, Rhodes (Classic City 17P; GAMTI 19P)
Elizabeth Grant, Stanford (Cowtown 18D, 18P; AAMTI 18D)
Emily Hinton, Florida State (Peach 18P; Soda 17D)
Holly Williams, Washington College (Cowtown 20D, 19P)
Jacob Patton, Michigan (Mock Rock 18P, Spartan 17D)
Jennah Hyppolite, UT Chattanooga (ToRo 18P, Scarlet 19P)
Julianna Kantner, Arkansas (Classic 19P; Peach 20D)
Justin Xu, Georgia (Capital 19P; ToRo 17P)
Kelsey McCafferty, Duquesne (Happy 19P; 20D; Scarlet 20D)
Kensington Cotter, Berkeley (AAMTI 20P; GAMTI 19D)
Michael Ragnone, Ohio State (Scarlet and Grey 18D; GAMTI 18P)
Nellie Sun, Duke (Scarlet and Grey 17P; GAMTI 22D)
Prateek Dullur, Case Western (Red Cedar 19P; Spartan 18P)
Rebecca Steinberg, Berkeley (AAMTI 17D; GAMTI 22D)
Riya Lakkaraju, Emory (Capital 17D, ToRo 18D)
Taylor Patton, UT Chattanooga (Capital 18D; Classic 18D)
Thomas Azari, UMBC (Tobacco Road 20D; GAMTI 23D)
Timothy Ko, Vanderbilt (Peach 18D, Scarlet 17D)

Ace Cole, Rhodes (GAMTI 18P; 20D)
Alayna Payne, Arizona (Capital 19P; 17D)
Ava Baber, South Carolina (Colonial 18P; 16D)
Brendan Smith, Washington and Lee (Happy Valley 19D; Soda 16D)
Enya Eettickal, Case Western (Mock Rock 17P; Spartan 19P)
Hannah Perala, South Carolina (ToRo 17P, Peach 16D, Soda 16D)
Indiyah Mabry, Virginia (Tobacco Road 18D; GAMTI 18D)
Jack Gaul, Penn State (Happy Valley 16; GAMTI 23D
Jack Goembel, Washington College (Cowtown 20D, 17P)
Jayda Peets, Howard (Colonial 16P; BSI 19P)
Konrad Verbaarschott, Hillsdale (Cornshucker 17P, 16D)
Madeiline Bodiford, Florida State (Capital 16P; 18D)
Maria Kutischeva, UMBC (Tobacco Road 17D; GAMTI 19P)
Maya Jaffe, Georgia Tech (Classic 17D, Soda 19D)
Mikaayel Aasim, Emory (Capital 16D; ToRo 17D; Peach 16D; Soda 17D)
Natalie Murray (Mumbo 19D; GAMTI 20D)
Ronan Leudet, Georgia (Peach 16P, 16D)
Tyonna Byers, Georgia (Peach 18P, Scarlet 18D)

Double Threats:
Alex Brown, Washington St. Louis (Mock Rock 17D Atty, 17P Wit)
Alex Wilkerson, Washington and Lee (Colonial 19D Atty; HV 16P Wit; Soda 18D Atty)
Alexander Thompson, Tufts (Happy Valley 19D Atty; Soda 16P Wit; 16D Wit)
Ben Wallace, South Carolina (Classic 20D Atty; Mumbo 16D Wit; BSI 18P Atty; 20D Atty; Peach 18P Atty)
Catherine Lammersen, Miami (Mock Rock 17D Wit; Cornshucker 18P Atty)
Celeste Bobro, American (Colonial 18P Atty; 18D Wit)
Colin Solomon, Michigan State (Red Cedar 20P Atty; Cornshucker 18D Atty, 17P Wit)
Daniel MacDonald, Georgia (Capital City 19D Atty; 16P Wit)
Emma Roder, Illinois (Scarlet 18D Wit; Mock 19P Atty)
Everett Parker-Noblitt, Yale (HV 18P Atty; BSI 17D Wit)
Fatima Lawan, Tufts (Mumbo 20P Atty; Soda 17D Wit)
Fernando Yzquierdo, Florida State (Capital 18D Atty; 18P Wit)
Grace Dodd, Yale (HV 16 Atty; Mumbo 19D Wit)
Kendall Nowlan, Minnesota (ToRo 18D Wit; Cornshucker 17P Atty, 17D Wit)
Michael Wilson, Michigan (Spartan 20P Atty; 18D Wit)
Michelle Stanek, Georgia Tech (Peach 20D Atty; ToRo 17P Wit)
Nicholas Cosmo, Case Western (Cedar 18P Wit, 18D Atty; Spartan 18D Atty; Mock Rock 17D Atty)
Sarah Rosen, Washington St. Louis (Mumbo 17D Wit; Cornshucker 17P Atty)
Varun Aggarwal, Georgia Tech (ToRo 17D Wit, 18P Atty)
Victoria Shahnazary, Michigan (Scarlet 18P Wit, 19D Atty)
Will Hopkins, Northwestern (Mumbo 16D Atty; Spartan 17P Wit)
Zachary Stern, Washington St. Louis (Mumbo 18D Atty; Mock Rock 20D Atty, 20P Wit)

Teams with more than one top performer:
Florida State: 4
Georgia: 4
South Carolina: 4
Case Western: 3
Georgia Tech: 3
Michigan: 3
Washington St. Louis: 3
Berkeley: 2
Emory: 2
Miami: 2
Michigan: 2
Tufts: 2
Stanford: 2
UT Chattanooga: 2
Washington and Lee: 2
Washington College: 2
Yale: 2

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2022 Pre-Regionals Top Performers Empty Re: 2022 Pre-Regionals Top Performers

Wed Nov 24, 2021 3:20 pm
One small fix. Kelsey McCafferty (Duquesne) actually received two awards at HVI at 19 and 20 ranks. The tab was updated recently to reflect that.
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