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Play-In Analysis Empty Play-In Analysis

Fri Apr 21, 2023 11:45 am
Since the play-in is tomorrow, we weren’t able to provide you with the kinds of detailed write-ups on each competitor that we usually include in our yearly TBC post. But we did want to give folks a little preview of each play-in competitor’s respective strengths. Below, we’ve explained in just a few sentences how each of the 8 students competing in the Trial by Combat Play-In Tournament can win their rounds and earn their spot at the tournament in Philadelphia this coming June. We’ve also included an award breakdown.

Isaiah Banuelos, Dickinson
As one of the only competitors with Nationals experience, he has proven he can beat the best. He wins if his presentational ability carries him against opponents who are simply more boring to watch.

Michael Chandler, Brown
Chandler is the most exciting attorney in the play-in field. He wins if he can carry that same energy through the screen to his judges sitting hundreds of miles away.

Laniya Davidson, Maryland
Davidson is as by-the-book as they come: flawless in terms of her technical ability. She wins by out-smarting the competition and making fewer mistakes than everyone else.

Julianna Kantner, Arkansas
She’s arguably the cleanest competitor here. She wins by presenting the most like an actual trial attorney, which is sure to resonate in a judging pool that will almost certainly include law school trial advocacy competitors and coaches.

Jackson Kunde, Wisconsin
He has two All-Americans for a reason. He wins if his versatility, raw speaking ability, and superior technical skills simply stand him alone above the rest.

Mary Pat Peterson, Santa Clara
Mary Pat Peterson is going to stand out. She’s known for drama and dynamism, off-the-wall content choices and polarizing rhetoric. When she hits, she hits—and if she hits, she’ll win.

Annalyn St. Ledger, American
Everyone knows American always has top notch content. Annalyn wins this on the substantive strength of their material—it will be cleaner and better than everyone else’s.

Ben Wallace, South Carolina
Ben Wallace is extremely likable, and he knows how to stay engaging on Zoom. South Carolina made its 2021 NCT run online, so expect Wallace to be a master of the virtual format. He wins if his experience carries him to victory.

Individual Award Breakdown
When possible, these numbers were taken from the website of each competitors’ respective team. When these records were unavailable, we used publicly-available AMTA tab summaries. If we missed any awards, we invite any competitor to message us or post below with a list of individual awards and we will update the table.

CompetitorCareer AwardsAttorneyWitnessAll American
Isaiah Banuelos5411
IMichael Chandler8710
Laniya Davidson6510
Julianna Kantner111100
Jackson Kunde9902
Mary Pat Peterson10910
Annalyn St. Ledger8800
Ben Wallace191720
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