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Evidence Guide v2 Empty Evidence Guide v2

Wed Oct 21, 2020 8:39 pm
Hello Impeachments! My name's Jonathan Parts, competitor at Rice 2017-2020. Last January I put out an evidence guide which combined legal analysis with videos of objection battles in action. Over the summer, I spent some time reupholstering this guide. It's free as it was before, but here's the list of new features:

- A table of contents. This was just an oversight in the initial release.
- A source list. The law review articles and books I used in constructing the guide.
- More video examples. Lots more, both adding to sections which already had examples and to rules for which I hadn't provided any. Some of these examples come from Zoom trials at TBC 2020, see for example the section on 803(3).
- A few more rules. I had skipped over a few (e.g. Hearsay within Hearsay) which I have addressed in the new version.
- A section on objections to openings and closings for TBC competitors. This one I am particularly excited about. I use video examples from real trials (primarily the trial of Robert Durst and the OJ trial), and go over the argumentative objection for openings, along with several grounds for objections during closings. This is a feature unique to this guide.

I have also set up a website, There you can find testimonials from an All-American attorney, Nick Cotter, a head coach, Chance Sturup, and a NCT Champion, Kyle DeCamp: Testimonials . The home page features the guide, here's the direct link as well: The Rules of Evidence–Concepts and Applications for College Mock Trial .

Enjoy and good luck the rest of the season!

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