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Act of AMTA? Empty Act of AMTA?

Thu Sep 14, 2023 1:58 pm
I've had a question about this for a few years, and after reading AMTA's notes just now, I'm still lost. What exactly is an Act of AMTA? Have they ever even been used before? I've been competing since 2021 and can't think of a time I saw them in action. How does one even get an Act of AMTA bid?
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Act of AMTA? Empty Re: Act of AMTA?

Thu Sep 14, 2023 4:58 pm
From what I can tell, it would involve AMTA giving a bid to a team that couldn’t earn one to emergency circumstances. If a team member (or multiple), say, suddenly got extremely ill, injured, or had a family member pass away, I guess that might be an example? I don’t know of any Acts of AMTA, at least recently.
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